We develop high-tech and innovative software products and systems.

No matter  of the type of product development, we always follow the Agile process, by ensuring our products and services are of the highest quality possible, at the same time with very short delivery time to customers (TimeToMarket), as well as implementation of the latest IT innovative technology solutions.

Custom software development provides to our clients:

  • flexibility and delivery of the required products when a need for them arise
  • focus on business goals
  • saving expensive investments to maintain their own IT qualified staff
  • security and relax that have a high-tech partner who can count for the realization of their ideas for new software products and services
Research and Analysis
In this phase, we get acquainted  with the business field and discuss customer requirements while working with the owner of the product.  We work together/jointly with you, so that your needs and requirements are clearly defined, which the sofware solution must accomplish, determine the plan that will be implemented.
Development and Deployment
Data Solutions uses Scrum framework from Agile methodology for its software process.  Scrum is one of the most effective methodologies for software development, providing high quality and rapid deployment to changing requirements in the development process.


After each sprint all results are available for review and confirmation.  With final sprint development the software application is ready for deployment to production environment.

Data Solutions used Agile / Scrum methodology for development of software applications, for:

  • development of new applications
  • application support
  • improvement and enhancement of existing applications
  • migration of applications
  • re-engineering of applications
Technologies in Data Solutions
Maintenance and Support
Data Solutions provides maintenance and support of the developed software products by ensuring stability, flexibility and rapid reflection of technological change.

Data Solutions not only performs support of the requests made by customers, but the main objective is the functional and technological improvements of software solutions, which provides increased product value for its users.

Data Solutions provides the following support:

  • Production critical support – 24/7 technical support with problem fixing and monitoring
  • Application support – development of new functionalities and improvements refactoring and installing new versions
  • System infrastructure support – database and application servers administration, performance tuning and installation of new versions