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Specialized Integrated Process Management System

Public sector

Specialized Integrated Process Management System (SIPMS) for the University of finance, business and entrepreneurship (VUZF) provides development and integration of the information resources and contributes to the quality improvement process in VUZF.

The system provides the following features:

  • Contains a digital platform for content management, which makes the modeling of digital forms and processes possible;
  • Provides the option of automatic retrieval of data related to the grading, the accreditation, the quality control of the processes in in the university, the parameters developed according to the Rating System for Higher Education Institutions framework and others;
  • Provides the option of efficient management of the documents load and monitors in real time the running main and auxiliary processes, which aids the document management process and the decision-making process;
  • Contributes to the improvement of the services provided by VUZF by substantially reducing bureaucracy and aiding the management process in general;
  • Facilitates and channels the work of the administration and faculty, thus improving the quality in general;
  • Contains mechanisms and modules for feedback from stakeholders, which makes the system essential for the development of VUZF;

Contains modules for the management of:

  • Student application process
  • Student status;
  • Financial service;
  • Faculty;
  • Help Desk.

Technical Implementation

The main user portal is developed as a SharePoint Application. The application consists of the following logic layers with the respective technologies:
  • Presentation – incorporates HTML, JavaScript and Ajax, contains only the interface;
  • Presentation logic – incorporates Razor, C# .NET – interaction and validation logic and security functionality;
  • Business logic – C# .NET – the core of the system – makes the connection and transfer data between the presentation layer and the database layer. The business logic layer is responsible for the system orchestration – executes commands and various calculations; integrates interfaces with external systems;
  • Data access – ADO.NET and C# .NET – option for reading and writing data in SUBD, orchestration of concurrent access, datatype transformation, transaction control, security and others;
  • Database – MS SQL Server 2012 Enterprise and T-SQL – database scheme, rules for access, validation constraints, triggers, procedures and others.

System Architecture