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Integrated Environment for Information Exchange

Public sector

Integrated Environment for Information Exchange (IEIE) is a platform designed to manage the internal documents of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. The systems in IEIE by inputting certain criteria can request and view documents that are registered and predefined in IEIE. IEIE offers intuitive interface for the integration of additional systems. Each system in the platform can request a document from IEIE. The following procedures are executed by IEIE: finding the system that owns the document being searched and sending the document to the requesting system.

Technical implementation

IEIE development is achieved through utilizing the tools of Java EE, which provide:
  • Scalability;
  • Accessibility;
  • Security;
The technical implementation of IEIE is accomplished by using the following technologies:

  • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) – implementation of the IEIE’s business logic;
  • Java Server Faces (JSF) – development of dynamic user interface;
  • Java Persistence API (JPA) – management of the data model and the connection with the database;
  • JAX-WS – development of SOAP-based web services;
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – communication between the integrated systems, maintaining the integrity of the service-oriented architecture of the platform. ESB is platform-independent, thus allowing for a high level of integration with multiple information systems.

System Architecture