We take the responsibility for production system maintenance.

Data Solutions provides professional maintenance and support of the entire IT infrastructure of its clients to ensure that the operation is reliable and efficient.

Data Solutions service desk and support engineers perform customer service and maintenance and  support in accordance with ISO 20000-1: 2011 for IT service management (ITSM-ITILv3),

providing the following services:

Performing 24/7 monitoring of critical applications, application and database servers, hardware to provide the necessary performance and availability. The support team is immediately notified for deterioration characteristics of the infrastructure or failure of service.

  • Monitoring of applications
  • Monitoring of servers
  • Network and remote administration
  • Log management
  • Backup & recovery
Administration of applications
We offer 1-st, 2-nd and 3-rd level support for applications, developed by Data Solutions, the service includes:

  • Opening and registration of problem, analysis and solution delivery
  • Delivery of workaround solution and hot fixes
  • New releases and updates
Security audit
Planned updates for security patches, antivirus and spam protection, network security and audit of application security.
Improvement of applications
Data Solutions develops and implements new application features, migrates or upgrades of current applications to continue their use and maintenance, in accordance with customer requirements.